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We’re constantly investing in our group of businesses to produce better outcomes for our customer. At Rob Sinclair Corp, we believe in giving Australians the choices and tools they need to find the equipment and finance solutions they need.

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People are at the heart of Rob Sinclair Corp, and we pride ourselves on recruiting the best talent, where creativity and skill match enthusiasm for knowledge and innovation.

Founder, Managing Director

With a diverse background of experience in both the transport and finance industries Rob Sinclair founded the Rob Sinclair group of companies in 2009.

Rob Sinclair

Founder, Managing Director

Born and raised in the South East, South Australia, Rob Sinclair left school at the age of sixteen to start his working career as an apprentice Diesel Mechanic. Quickly developing an affinity for working with big pieces of machinery Rob honed his skills as a diesel mechanic for the next decade. With a strong fundamental understanding of the heavy vehicle repair industry and the ins and outs of working with trucks, Rob moved into his first management position in 1994 as a workshop manager for Johnson Truck and Coach Service in Mildura. It was here he developed a solid foundation in people management and learnt to share his extensive knowledge of heavy vehicle mechanics with his workshop team. Recognised for his work ethic and natural sales ability, Rob was subsequently offered a freight sales position for the Pickering Transport Group in 1998. After a successful run with Pickering Transport, Rob embarked on a fresh start two years later which saw him move to Adelaide where he quickly secured a position with the Adtrans Automotive Group as a ‘Used Truck Sales Person’. This role proved a perfect fit for Rob with him finding success early by leveraging his background in heavy vehicle mechanics. After establishing himself as a top sales person, he was promptly offered the role of ‘Business Manager’ obtaining equipment finance for truck operators via Ford Credit & Daimler FInance. A position he maintained for the next two years before taking on a Used Truck Manager position at Adtrans Used Trucks in Victoria, a position that saw him responsible for the management of three Adtrans used truck dealerships in Melbourne.
In 2005 Rob was rewarded for his hard work and offered the prestigious position of ‘Dealer Principal’ at Stillwell Trucks in Adelaide, a role which saw Rob responsible for the complex operation of a large scale truck dealership which included a sales team, mechanical workshop, finance and parts department. After working with the Adtrans group for over a decade, Rob made the decision it was time for a new challenge and made the decision to go into business for himself, founding ‘Rob Sinclair Equipment Finance’ in 2009. The decision to work for himself proved fruitful, his finance business grew exponentially in its first two years with Rob subsequently opening a Used Truck dealership in 2010 to compliment his finance operation. The next five years saw Rob grow his company into a multimillion-dollar national business, founding Rob Sinclair Equipment Rental, Rob Sinclair Equipment Detail and a second truck dealership, Truck Sales Australia by the close of 2015. Now at the helm of a large trucking and finance company, Rob identified a weakness in his business, that being, the direct reliance his company had on the only established online listing classified website in Australia with which he advertised and promoted his stock. This weakness prompted Rob to found ‘Truck Dealers Australia’, an online dealer network dedicated to supporting dealers of all kinds across Australia by providing a competitive online landscape to advertise and auction.

What our customers say

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